Vacuum Street Sweeping
Our Vacuum Sweeping Systems are Top of the Line in the Sweeping Industry. You can have the confidence in SASS to remove debris and trash from your site efficiently and professionally. We have expertly serviced countless parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks and other exterior sites in our 22 years of service. Our goal is to make your site litter free.

Power Washing
San Antonio Sweeping is the Premier Name in Power Washing Service. We offer a wide variety of services to make your project look its best. SASS has elite equipment to service parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks, drive thru's, and gas pump locations. SASS has the ability to make your property look first class.

Premier Washing
San Antonio Sweeping has introduced the latest cutting-edge service in parking garage or upper-level washing needs. SASS can provide a grime-free appearance for your parking garage or your parking lot if you need that turn key look after construction.

Place Confidence in San Antonio Sweeping to Revitalize your parking lot to its original state by repainting stencils, stripes, wheel stops, handicap markings, glass beads, curbs and all varieties of markings. SASS uses the finest quality of fast drying paints and administers them efficiently and professionally.

Construction Sweeping
San Antonio Sweeping is the Leader in all Construction Sweeping due to our Phenomenal Response Time and Remarkable ability to get the job done. SASS uses TYMCO 435 Regenerative Air Vacuum Sweepers to give our customers world-class service. We service all areas of construction from highway maintenance, milling clean up, excavation debris, commercial construction parking lots, and residential construction. SASS can also provide sweeping on any military location and be readily available for natural disaster cleanup needs.

San Antonio Sweeping continues to offer even more options in pavement markings, through Thermoplastic Service. SASS is able to provide this service with a HOT TAPE application or for a larger project with a melter application. We can also provide any stenciling that is needed for highway or city streets, such as ONLY, STOP, RR CROSSING, BIKE, PEDESTRIAN, along with any ARROWS.

Asphalt / Seal Coat
In order to keep your parking lots integrity, San Antonio Sweeping can provide Seal Coat and Asphalt service. Before your parking lot starts to get potholes, give SASS an opportunity to assess if Seal Coat or Asphalt repair is the correct direction for you parking lots need.

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